Inquiry into the Poverty Premium

Updated on 30/03/2021

REPORT OF THE APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty)

Throughout 2018 and 2019 the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty has undertaken an inquiry into the Poverty Premium – the ways in which people living in poverty pay more for essential goods and services.

Facilitated by Child Poverty Action Group and The Equality Trust, and supported by a wide range of contributors, the inquiry included a number of evidence sessions on various aspects of the Poverty Premium, possible solutions and the impact on those most affected. 

Report front cover

All the contributions – verbal and written – have been considered in the final report. The report includes a number of recommendations offering a wide range of solutions as to how the poverty premium can be combated. 

We would like to thank all of those who contributed to this work.  We are particularly grateful to those who were willing to share their personal experiences of encountering the poverty premium, either in person at one of our meetings, or through submissions to the inquiry. Their experiences added a very valuable dimension, keeping us focused on the very real human impact of what might otherwise be seen as a challenge of business processes and market regulation.

Throughout the inquiry we were also grateful for the assistance of many academics, charities, social enterprises and businesses that have studied the area in-depth and are proposing solutions. The full list of contributors can be found at the end of the report