What sets us apart?

We are a network of experts and academics committed to solving the problems of financial exclusion. Our aim is to engage in dialogue with EU institutions to increase the awareness work and understanding of the issues among policy makers to achieve policy options focusing on equal participation of the excluded groups in the society.

Voice of the underrepresented groups in financial services

  • Proximity to vulnerable groups: our preference is for direct contact with the public and front-line services in terms of understanding the problem, its causes and its possible resolution hausarbeit ghostwriting.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: our network is made up of sociologists, lawyers, and economists, political scientists as well as experts in the field.
  • Proximity to policymakers: our experts are closely connected and interacting with national and European policymakers, many of them are active in EU experts groups: EU Commission (DG FISMA/DG JUST), European Banking Authority (EBA), European Insurance & Occupational Pension AUthority (EIOPA), European Central Bank (ECB)…