EU Consultation on Digital Euro - Important for financial inclusion deadline - 16th June 2022

This post invites you to answer a consultation on the digital euro before 16th June ( )
Why do we think it is important to respond?

The digital euro project is a public initiative, which we believe requires a broad democratic base. By responding to this consultation civil society can demonstrate its interest in this subject.
There are important stakes: this is an opportunity to tell the European authorities what we expect from this digital euro in terms of financial inclusion, and more generally, in terms of the right to a dignified life for all on the European territory.

You are an NGO ? You are interested to respond?

Would you need some support? Financial Inclusion Europe can provide you with:
– The answers prepared, which you can use in whole or in part, and of course adjust to your convenience;
– Some advice to identify the key questions, as the questionnaire is a long one.
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