Federico Ferretti - Italy

Professor of Economic Law and Financial

Key expertises

In short

” Professor of Economic Law and Financial Markets at the University of Bologna since October 2018. His research interests are mainly in EU market law, in particular from the perspective of consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). His current research focuses on the protection of users of financial services, economic and social inclusion, and digital markets.

  • Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence ‘Consumers and SMEs in the Digital Single Market’.
  • Expert Member of the Consumer Policy Advisory Group (CPAG): The group’s task is to suggest operational actions to the Commission to implement the high-level priorities, assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies, assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives.
  • Expert Member of the Financial Services User Group (FSUG) of the European Commission, advising in the preparation of legislation or policy initiatives which affect the users of financial services, providing insight, opinion and advice concerning the practical implementation of such policies, proactively seeking to identify key financial services issues which affect users of financial services, and liaising with and providing information to financial services user representatives and representative bodies at the European Union and national level.
  • Sept. 2007 – Oct. 2018 Senior Lecturer in Law (formerly Lecturer), Brunel Law School, Brunel University London, UK.”