Kasia Hanula-Bobbit – Poland and Belgium

Head of Policy and Advocacy

Key expertises

In short

Public policy executive and social entrepreneur with a background in finance, international development, economy, education and technology. Extended experience in policy design, implementation and assessment. Fascinated by how technology is impacting our lives and forging new pathways for society. Working on digital financial inclusion of migrant women and gender responsive digital finance. Outside the office, she is an educator, spending time volunteering for Professors without Borders and running Piggly Foundation, a social enterprise aiming at creating healthy financial habits for children for their future financial well-being.
MA in Law, Catholic University of Lublin, LL.M Chicago Kent College of Law/Illinois Institute of Technology, MBA (c) Tampere University of Life Science, Diploma in Political Psychology (CEU), Diploma in Mechanisms of Functioning of the Eurozone (Warsaw University)