Olivier Jérusalmy

Independant researcher - Expert in Financial Inclusion

Key expertises

In short

Olivier Jérusalmy was Director of the European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) as well as Senior Researcher for the Belgian NGO Réseau Financité, specialised in sustainable and ethical finance.

He is a Member of the European Commission Financial Services User Group (FSUG). Mr. Jérusalmy is specialised in financial inclusion issues.  He previously worked as a credit advisor in a credit cooperative, before developing a personal micro-credit offer for private persons, excluded from mainstream credit supply in the Walloon Region.  He is the former Director of the Walloon Observatory of credit and over-indebtness. For the past 10 years, he has been Chairman the CAMD, the Brussels Region Umbrella Organisation of Debt Counsellors.  He is former Vice-Chairman of the European Consumer Debt Network.  Recently, he has been active for Finance Watch as an Adviser on financial inclusion issues, consumer debts and over-indebtness.

He holds a Master Degree in Economics and Political Sciencewas

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